Epic Realistic Sky

About Resourcepacks Updates

I (Awhikax) had been updating the resource packs created by Fire Eagle for my own use for years, as they were no longer updated.

I decided to send an email to FireEagle asking for permission to publish updated versions of his resource packs. He agreed and therefore allowed me to publish the updated versions.

I then created this website in order to publish updated versions of its resource packs. I don't own any of the resource packs and the creator remains obviously Fire Eagle.

Epic Realistic Sky

Screenshots Information

All screenshots are made with realistic sky resource packs created by FireEagle. The skies on the screenshots correspond to the resource packs presented on this site.

In order to make screenshots more realistic, I use a faithful resource pack as well as a shader pack. They are in no way part of the texture packs presented here.

You can also find the maps used to make the screenshots by clicking on the images of the different resource packs and then going to the link underneath (If there is one).